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A small chance for a stray shower possible tomorrow highs will reach the upper sixties to around seventy degrees of course that's depended on how much sunshine we actually get in the afternoon it is looking like a very cloudy start to our Sunday Memorial Day Monday highs will reach the mid to upper seventies it is gonna be a really beautiful day starting off with a good amount of clouds some sunshine breaking through though Tuesday and Wednesday both look dry and mostly sunny with high temperatures reaching the low to mid eighties low eighties on Thursday as well Thursday brings with it a chance for some showers maybe even some rumbles and storms and storm team four meteorologist Amari Theodore

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Calf one eight hundred go

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Three ninety five southwest freeway between the third street tunnel a main Avenue the sign

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This is WBZ newsradio ten thirty with the news watch

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For the seating with the shower

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Nine four six three license

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It is going to be clouding up tomorrow we'll even see clouds and a shower to tomorrow night

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Talk twelve sixty Katie are seeing go there and watch me do the show live a little behind the scenes

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Westmoreland I'm Julie Rogers

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Next update at less than ten

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Sunny and sixty six degrees in the nation's capital

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