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Hey Mindful tribe. We have energy in house. We're following the energy. I've got an awesome guest today. I'm so excited I've got Paulo. Peralta and Paula is just filled. She's brimming with energy and positivity and great vibes and all of that stuff. Hey Paula are you in mindfulness mode? Today I think so my goodness what an introduction. Thank you so. I'm so happy to be here Bruce. Nothing while I'm happy to have you on the show. Paula Peralta is a celebrity hair stylist. Now how cool is that? She's a business and empowerment coach. Well and according to some standards. Though I get this she has done everything wrong to achieve success. Isn't that something different? Well but Paula exudes joy and she's experiencing more success now than ever before in her entire life. She loves to share. How taking a back step from living life? On everyone else's terms was the best move she ever made. And I'm going to repeat that sentence because I didn't say quite right. Paula loves to share. How taking a step back from living life on everyone else's terms was the best move she ever made. Paula helps her clients. Visualize how they can create a new life even with a blank slate. She believes it's possible to make a career change at almost every stage in life and well. We're in COVID. Nineteen right now and we're in a pandemic and a lot of us are locked down. Many of us have lost our jobs and things can be looking pretty bleak. But we've got this amazing woman on the show who understands that you can make a career change if you need to and it doesn't matter what stage of life you're at so. I'm excited to talk to you about all of this stuff paula. But first of all. What does mindfulness mean to you? So for me. It's really about getting to who you are and really understanding that you actually are the most valuable product like. What if you being? You is actually the gift this required change the world and when you take time to strip away all of the other narratives in all of the projections expectations judgments rejections that we often face in this world are a lot of the things that we have projected us from even a very young age When once you start to strip away bats where you are. That's like the beautiful pony that you are and it's like for not space you can literally create anything and from space you can ask the question with total is what else is possible here that. I haven't even considered a not so you can actually start to create a life that you don't need a vacation from an all of that is for me. What really about being super present or what you call mindfulness mode like that's being present and being like the creative director of your own life. Looks like for me cool. So what is it about you that makes it so that you can help someone veer in a totally different direction in their life and career? How what what talents and abilities do you have? That can help people do that. Well one I made a lot of mistakes in my own life. Okay like I did everything wrong and follow purposes. I definitely am. I think by this reality standards but failure I dropped out of college just because it wasn't for me. I started at career and got laid off five years in. I completely started over with by business twice my salon business. And you know now when we're in you know we're obviously the times of Covid nineteen and I'm again looking at like stepping away from certain aspects. Business that no longer work for me. So it's like it's been kinda failure after failure after change after change. That's the first thing. And then also I'm a certified facilitated access consciousness Which is really focused on empowering people to know that they know so you know what's true for you and you know it's going to work for feel and you have unawareness and so when you're actually following your knowing when actually the greatest possibilities can show up in the universe in have your back so those are. Kinda two things but just a lot of trial and error just really using tools to to get to a space where I trust myself. I trust my awareness that I really can follow the universe. So what do you spend most of your time? Doing Paula. Well it depends on the date so I spent a lot of my time facilitating Either one on one with my clients or I will explode classes as well. A lot of my classes are focused on being you a joint business. A lot of business than money classes but the more energetic cited the more. What's true for you like if you weren't necessarily following the latest Forbes or whatever the public the business publications Is Great Information in the form? But it's also whipped. You you know like what do you know about business and if you are truly creating your own reality what would that look like and so. I spend a lot of time. This'll take not and then I also I obviously like I said I own a salon in Los Angeles California and I work behind the chairs. The hairdresser and I spend a lot of time not only do my guest hair but facilitating them on the traditional issues. That people have in life whether it's relationship or money or business or kids or you know families always a big wind or their bodies So that actually is got started as an harm coach is. I was working with so many hairdresser earth sorry while hairdressers as well while I was working with so many clients. Who are coming into bogs down by by you know all of the projections of of this reality and I started to look at what like. What can I actually choose here? That would contribute not only to them having beautiful hair when they walked out but having not pep in their step and feeling empowered to go out into the world and be them so. That's kind of how we how we got started so now for mindful tribe for some of our listeners. Who Don't know this. Can you explain what is access consciousness Sherry? So it's a set of tools again like I said. I'm conscious of the set of tools that empowers you to know that you now. So every every projection or expectation that we often gay thrown upon us whether it's because our gender or race or our economic status or like where we're at in the family or what are familiar roles are so all of those things they are. There often is a certain narrative projected and so access conscious. Actually has is a set of tools. That help you get to you if that can be part of you but if you weren't defined by all of those things like where are you and if you were functioning as you choosing for you including the reality that you know as possible which is often reality beyond this reality. That other people aren't talking about like what what would actually be possible like what could show. What could you create? What could you choose like? Who would you be and not? That's what I actually really love that. Because it's empowering you to know that you know so what's your story. How did you first become connected to access consciousness? Yes so I I read a book Dr Hair here. Who's one of the CO creators boxes? Consciousness he wrote a book called being a change in the world and there are some really pragmatic tool than it and I read the book. I've toyed with the and he was doing a like a taster kind of short evening. Kinda MEET-AND-GREET AIR I went over to it actually lived in San Francisco from L. A. So I worked two fold in the salon. I hop on a plane was like tire screeching by Uber to get to the hotel in time out to to see his presentation but it just it was. There was such a kindness. Gentleness But this strength in this empowerment behind everything that he said that was like such a It was such a gift and one of the things I love. The most to access consciousness is it's not it's not about like trusting the it is a set of tools but but Dane and Gary Gay Douglas. He's also the CO founder co creator of access consciousness. He says don't trust me. Trust you like what do you know what they you know. So it's it's such a cool different conversation of like always getting to more you. What do you know what do you know? What tools can you use? What's your awareness? If you were truly being you hear like what would you choose and for me? That's such A. It's such a different invitation in a world. That's often projecting it like how to be who to be what to be where to be. When do we so and it's changed. It's completely changed my reality so you know it's changed my relationship with my body exchange. You do business. And it's just my life just continues to get greater so

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