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How Rolling Stones Suzy Exposito Made History with Her Bad Bunny Cover Story


Makes a good celebrity profile? Great when I don't like about some celebrity profiles is like the ones that that come off like being a little too. There's a word for it. Like ingratiating or like defying people in a way. That's is so smarmy to me for me. I broke my own rule in this story. Actually because I usually don't talk about myself at all and profiles. I think that that can kill the buzz a lot of time. I don't like when people start reflecting on their own lives in the middle of somebody else's profile I usually find it distracting. I think the point where I broke. That rule was when I talked about disclosing to him like my sexuality and I could you identify as bi. I do identify as bisexual. Yeah and I have for the last ten years at least openly and so I chose to have this part of the conversation. You know closet because I'm still at my grandmother's house and that's still something. It's like a sore subject for my family. It just is and like but at this point. I'm like thirty years old. I'm like what are y'all GonNa to do ground me like spear also hiding in a closet. Yeah I had to really reckon with the fact that I'm still worried about making my family uncomfortable and I think a lot of US still a lot of us can be like what like forty five sixty instill never be able to really discuss that side of ourselves with families like I have so many people in my family who are also queer. It's just they don't talk about it. You know every once in a while somebody has a roommate. That's like a common thing or somebody like brings their friend to Christmas. You know it's coded and that's just how things are in my family and in so many other families. I waited until I was in a serious relationship with a woman to come out because at that point I was like. I don't know I knew how I felt for many years by. I didn't even take it seriously until I was in a relationship. That's when I came out to my mom. She was super supportive. And like really sweet about it. This would have been ten years ago. An also like anyone who is queer also knows that like coming out is not. It's not like a one and done kind of thing you'll spend like the rest of your life coming out over and over again like I did my article. That's just like one of the many times and I also was so struck by an exchange that you had on twitter because in addition to interviewing buddy you interviewed a home Mulu of celebrities including Ricky Martin and it evoked someone to respond that like there was always a lot of homophobia around Ricky Martin. It wasn't yes just when he came out that he experienced that homophobia that those of us who sort of knew about Ricky Martin were exposed to that like it was always there and it was always a subject of conversation and that that predates the coming out very often. Yes it dies. Link oftentimes like you'll get bullied for being like any kind of queer. You'll kept bullied for many years before you even own up to it. Why did you choose to weave that into this story? It was something that I discussed with my editor because it was like after. I did that you know like when I when I brought my computer in the closet. I was like a like a met my in house lake. I don't want her like listening to this conversation. It's so funny. I love her so much but she like she liked to listen to some of my interviews for one because I was speaking in Spanish. That's kind of rare for my family. They don't they. Don't really speak Spanish with me so I think that she was kind of entertained by hearing me analyst like God. I can't do this but then when I thought about it a little bit more on like it is because I still can't talk about this around my family I just can't and what bad bunny did with his drag video. It was so powerful. Because I really don't think I I mean Ricky Martin is gay. I don't think Ricky Martin would have gotten away with that I really don't he presents as very masculine and if he tried doing that even even this year like if he tried to do that with people really accept it. It's like I think to this day. Like people prefer gay men to be masculine in like street passing or whatever. That's a very real thing so for someone like bad bunny who's in a very secure relationship with a woman. And WHO's the most popular rapper slash singer in Latin America right now and end in the US for someone like him to go out on a limb and dress in drag as like a show of solidarity with Queer People? I was like he's doing this so I don't have to feel this way anymore. And so that's when I decided to set the scene. We stayed in the closet for like an hour and just talked about. We talked about gender and sexuality in like why he started caring about all this because he really doesn't have to care and the fact that he goes out there and says like I'm not okay with this is

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