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And to make the death toll


Trump is calling on states to re open houses of worship as soon as possible the centers for disease control and prevention released new guidelines on how churches synagogues and mosques can open safely after the White House push for revisions the president is threatening governors who don't comply though it's not clear whether or not he can do so CBS news correspondent Nicole Killian reports much of my direction the centers for disease control and prevention is issuing guidance for communities of faith at a hastily called news conference Friday president trump deemed places of worship ascential some governors have deemed a liquor stores in abortion clinics is essential but I've left out churches and other houses of worship style right he implored governors to open them right away if they don't do it I will override the governor's but not long after the president made the declaration or one of the lead members of his coronavirus task force suggested this maybe they can't go this week if there's high number of Kobe cases maybe they wait another week the White House insisted it's not mixed messaging the president wants to see these communities open doctor Burks was integral to making these guidelines and they lay out a pretty clear path for faith communities to reopen the CDC guidance which had been delayed includes recommendations like using face coverings cleaning and disinfecting frequently and practicing social distancing the agency also suggest holding services in well ventilated areas or outdoors limiting shared items like prayer books are handles and cutting down on choirs and singing to reduce aerosol transmission see how it goes this first weekend

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And to make the death toll

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