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This is southern California's


This is southern California's only twenty four hour local news a traffic station Kennison seventy newsradio good evening I'm Bob real a couple stories at six oh five good weekend at the beach but don't plan on laying on the sand and you can also stroll through the malls optional go inside stores those stories coming up in ninety seconds the first traffic and weather together or whatever the top fives at six oh five good evening Jeff fix good evening to you Bob real we start in Anaheim hills this is a problem that's been working for a little while now ninety one westbound before gypsum canyon a three car crash the right two lanes are still blocked but a lot of heavy traffic you're backed up before Green River Road you heard Tim green we're talking about that incident in Tarzana one of one westbound at receipt just past receipt solo car spin out the car in the center divider still waiting for the break on that one but you're on the brakes at white oak as of that traffic is pretty much stopped on the westbound one one new problem in Sun Valley south on one seventy Roscoe to see if he is going to run a break there to remove a bunch of tyre debris that was in one of the left lanes and whatever they have to run a break for tired re you know it's it's pretty significant city of industry sixty westbound of the fifty seventy of a stall pickup truck in the fast lane down the northbound six oh five at Florence there's an issue be stuck in the carpool lane and also in Downey

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This is southern California's

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