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CBS news correspondent Nicole Killian joins me now from the White House Nicole


From the White House Nicole we heard the president that piece talk about overriding the governor's but for so many months now he's been saying it's up to the governors to set these lockdown guidelines does the president have the authority to override these governors well you know the White House so wouldn't really respond to that when asked repeatedly what authority the president may have to try to do this instead the White House press secretary simply replied that the president is being clear that he wants these churches to re open and that he is strongly encouraging these governors to allow places of worship to re open that being said you know this continues to be this tug of war between the federal and state governments being clearly a lot of governors have a continue to re open their states that based on it you know what they think is best and we're certainly seeing as much when it comes to this issue of churches up for instance illinois' governor says that his state will continue to be guided by science on this we also know in California the governor there is planning to

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CBS news correspondent Nicole Killian joins me now from the White House Nicole

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