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Senator Mcconnell, Senate And Senator discussed on AM Joy



So glad that you're recovering. What's actually happening in Washington right now and one of the things that I think is also adds fuel to the fire of outrage right now. Is that Justin? Walkers position doesn't even become vacant until September. So you've got a situation where Senate Republicans are basically pushing through judicial nominations at a time with as global pandemic. The unemployment rate is reaching twenty percent. You've got jobless claims that nearly thirty nine million and senator. The House of Representatives passed comprehensive sweeping package and the hero Zach last week. And what is Senator McConnell and Senator Lindsey Graham doing this week thera advancing these kinds of judges who have very blatant anti civil rights anti healthcare care to seeking to dismantle the. They've been on the record with us. And I don't know if you remember. But even in the early days of this global pandemic Senator McConnell actually made headlines for recessing the Senate in the middle of COVID nineteen legislative negotiations. So that he could travel to Kentucky to attend his proteges. Ceremonial District Court investiture with another patron judge capital. And so these are the priorities right. Now you've got a bill in the heroes. Act that is seeking to stop the bleeding and screaming at some important reforms to address the inequalities and the racial disparities that we're seeing real communities in real pain right now and it's only getting worse. And you've got senator McConnell basically prioritizing the advancement of four judicial nominees who are intent on dismantling our healthcare system. And so you know. It's it is astonishing and need to be have kind of level of expression of outrage for the priorities that the Senate that the Senate Republicans are demonstrating. When you've got this bill. That is right now before them. They are not moving at all and remind. You just remember that this bill has things like saving the US Postal Service which delivers a medicines and essential central services to people all over the country ninety percent of US veterans actually get their medicine from the US Postal Service. You've got aid on economic aid in really aid for phone. Line workers at and yet. You've got senator McConnell now prioritizing these judges and I just think it's completely infuriating at this moment at a time when this country is so much in need and communities are in such pain and I think we should point out that Mitch. Mcconnell is up for reelection. He running for reelection and if Democrats were to win four net four seats in the Senate. He would not have that job anymore. He would become minority leader of the Senate. He would take a lot of his power way just to note that people should note that this is why you have to vote. This is why you have to vote because senators decide mean. He gets to decide what gets on the floor and he's putting this on the floor. Let's let Donald Trump respond to these Columbia University? Because that's the second there to scandals here that we're reporting in this a-block which is the judge thing. The judge obsession and the obsession with that power but the other thing is the death. Toll that has gone. Unabated by action from the trump administration. Here's trump responding to the Columbia University findings on Thursday has day. Now we're we're almost up to four percents so some of the some of the European countries are four to five percent.

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Senator Mcconnell, Senate And Senator discussed on AM Joy

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