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Today good morning got to noon on copy. Be Winning in Australia. You see when we see someone will say today. How you going okay? So let me introduce myself if anyone met me for on Monday. Ms Venerable tuned earlier. And this'll be my third talk of this year in Jonah grow. We Treat Center. And you'll be my last talk for this year because next month I'll be going to another Buddhist monastery overseas to support the in body monastery. We do have a few branch bonus and the monastic are required to go to different breath monastery to support one. Thank you so today's topic Always think of a topic or Someti- swinton things come out over the days a weekend and become a good topic talk about today's topic our about being restlessness a home having a crazy mine because myself and also bendable twenty anti body toucher Brenner retreat. In the weekend so I helped to Kentucky a retreat take body touched on the weekend and one the question that came up quite quite frequency was how do you do with restlessness at home and dowse quite common Christian in the weekend on the online retreat? And he's also say how do with a reminders? Going all with the placer here that's true. It's not easy has a at home in lifer that's doing crazy. Mine and one question was also was the reason why became a nasty and what stages are when to become a monastic toll. I'll try and combine all district crush together onto this talk. Okay so I'll give them a bit of background on myself before I came the body on on mystery so I was born in militia so I left militiamen quite young. Roughly twelve years old and I went to a place called silent because My parents was leaving the at the time working in the mines so so I grew up on Christmas Island and I worked here for roughly twenty years. So I was criticizing diller but I was born relation now. I moved to Australia. Roughly roughly twenty years ago. So I wasn't born the Buddha's our free finger. I want and I enjoy my locked the Max so when I was in my early S I was working up in the minds. And Yeah Spacey. Be a rebel idea. I want and I behave in pretty say just looking for fun and business did drink a lot and did smoke a lot when you were up the mindset. That's what most people at the time. Drinking Smoking and partying a lot and it was about twenty two years ago so we do not have much internet and working up in the minds. Uc's majority of the work is was basically men till became quite competitive and Yeah we say be aggressive so I call into those car mentality competing wine now. Nada and try and be a tough man. I been the website you. Yeah but I mean it was quite peaceful can after work. There wasn't much to do so most of us would just hang around in the pub drinking smoking and dismissing around. So I did it for a few years about two years. Ottawa got really sick tile and also can be up stock up in the minds not able to see my family not having a law freedom to just be my friend. Sir All go to other places because at the time I was doing my apprenticeship up in the minds so I was tactic for four years. So it's quite interesting so I started my Buddhist practices so I did notice. I was hitting quite aggressive. A developed a beer with time temperature so I used to explore in Rasiah working in the minds just arguing and fighting with before so it wasn't a good habit and a new habit plus our spacey drinking a lot lower and smoking to actually make degraded my mind and my mental wellbeing

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