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Seattle Pacific University Survey Suggests Younger People Are Showing Greater Levels of Loneliness and Anger


It's the end of the school year like no other before but time usually marked by prong senior skip day and of course graduation ceremonies closes without any fanfare and the grief is real Seattle Pacific university is surveying about twenty five hundred people seeing how teenagers and young adults are reacting to the pandemic compared to people ages twenty five and older and while both age groups say they're experiencing more depression the results show younger people are feeling greater levels of loneliness and anger most students in the class of twenty twenty were born in the shadow of nine eleven they begin their next chapter in the middle of a worldwide pandemic college freshmen don't know what class will look like this fall what college seniors entering job market during the worst recession since the Great Depression obviously the economic up people is going to destroy the class of twenty twenty for years and years to come Christine Weiss is graduating from Occidental College in Los Angeles her ceremony was supposed to happen last week instead she's back at her childhood home in Everett's where she's been living for the past two months after the pandemic shut down campus I'm one of the reporters on the Occidental newspaper and I was covering since the beginning of March and end of February how a lot of our study abroad programs especially students in Italy we're having to flee their countries quickly and try to get home before the borders closed and everything and I had this like got sinking feeling that this was

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