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DOJ and the mayor of Los Angeles and the director of LA county department of public health a letter warning them against going overboard with the stay at home order and it comes after local officials suggested some form of coronavirus restrictions for the next three months the DOJ letter says in part quote reports of your recent public statements indicate that you suggested the possibility a long term a lockdown of the residents in the city and county of Los Angeles regardless of the legal justification for such restrictions the fight against crime virus continues at various restrictions are lifted throughout the country and more people get outside functions Christina Coleman LA mayor Eric Garcetti says the decision is guided by science and not by politics many beaches also re opening for Memorial Day New York City beaches have different restrictions and some of the other beaches in the surrounding area you can walk along the water but there is no swimming allowed on these beaches it is an unpopular decision by the mayor of New York City but he says it's just too risky right now in the meantime comport on California beaches have also reopened hundreds of people laying out of Venice beach yesterday folks were surfing eating shopping really what Memorial Day weekend is supposed to look like here on Coney Island though not the case at least this weekend marks Housley the Minnesota governor Tim walls has decided to allow churches to open at twenty five percent occupancy of certain guidelines are met the new executive order applies only to religious gatherings and not receptions America is listening to fox news.

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Tim Walls, Fox And Executive discussed on Bill Handel

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