Episode #39: Direct Connections - Chuck McMurray

Talking Mopars


The heels in super excited to see how the modern Hemi Swat movement into old vintage metal turns out turns out that yeah, it's GonNa. Be a lot of fun, so let's get. into the choices a little bit. What kind of cars do we have to choose from? So the four choices I don't want to give it away. Because you know the motor, the votes will be available to everyone who is either on social media or completing the polls that will be. Providing, but I'll tell you that it will be based off of. MOPEDS legendary factory stock superstock program of the late sixties. They'll be popular body styles We didn't go after like sixty eight charger the more collectible higher in cores that we know that we probably couldn't get in that. People wouldn't want to see us race, but a good majority of the choices will be a body. There will be a be body selection. And and then the color swatches that after that particular year and model or the the make year in model is picked the color swatches that the factory offered. You know that'll be the color choices and so forth and so. Yeah. It'll be very interesting to see what everybody wants to see and You know in some cases I'm sure we'll get feedback as to why they want to see it, so it'll be, it'll be fun. It also be fun for me to see what the the aftermarket really thinks you know could be the best choices for the things that we need because we're GONNA one fuel system. We're GONNA have one You know likely I would think that the votes were head. Toward the idea of fuel injection I don't think carbonated would be a choice, but then again if that's what the people choose, then if the majority chooses, that will deal with and I would imagine it's going to be an automatic transmission, but they'll be a a manual arena stickshift option, so we'll. We'll see what the majority says, but it'll be interesting to see what what everybody what the majority wants to say. Yeah, that's. That's really exciting. I'll tell you I'll tell you folks when I want to see is a sixty s start with a modern Hemion I've talked about it before I. Really WanNa. See that so if you're listening to this show right now. And you have access to a computer or phone, and you can get on build moped dot, com correct chuck. It's part Yup, go on there and cast your votes. Let's see a sixty eight s dart with a modern Hemi in. It I think that would be really cool. But what would be your color choice if you if you had to pick? Well if it's from the color swatches in sixty eight, the superstock darts only came in one color, and that was primary with vendors, so I mean I, but I've always had that. Fantasy of what would the modern power plant do in the exact took a sixty eight s s dark from hearst, and just through modern engine in it. I don't care which one. I'm just curious to see how the suspension operates. A compared to you know the elephant and then. Then! You've got the new, so there's just so many different facets of this bill that are going to be really interesting to see what people want to see and I know. There's a lot of really really smart mines out there as far as engineering and race car stuff like that so I'm really curious to see what direction this goes because I'm an idiot. Of course, I'd want to see a s dart with a new Hemi in it, but who knows. It may not even be a dark. That's picked. We're going to have to wait and see and see what everyone votes on share. Now as far as the power plants I, just wanted to get this cleared up. It's all modern Mo- par, try right correct. Yeah, it'll be from the selection of engines that you could get today everything from. I mean I. I can tell you that will be four options of engines. You'll have a

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