Episode #39: Direct Connections - Chuck McMurray

Talking Mopars


Pars Chuck mcmurray. How's IT GOING CHUCK? Good Good Chris thanks for having us on. Yep I. I'm really excited about this project. You're working on and I. Don't know how many people have heard about it yet, but. You've got a little project going on called. Build Mo- par now. I want you to tell all the talking partners what build Mo-? Par Is all about chair. So, Bill moped is a campaign that we're running, and it's our first time operating it where the people the enthusiasts will have a chance to vote on every phase of the bill of the car so we're going to be building a vintage Mo- par with modern power train. To operate in the modern street, Hemi shootout, a race series as well as potentially an MCA class, and if in Nhra class lines with the car, but it'll be Designed to be a race car rather than just the street strip type situation. And it will be. It'll be picked by the people so everything from the model of the card of the color of the car. The drive line choices transmission choices suspension. Even the size of the retires. We'll all be selected by the people for the people, so we thought it would be a a lighthearted way to take a look at A. Otherwise kind of difficult year and show that democracy still Very cool wow. I'm really excited about this. I can't imagine what kind of crazy ideas people would have if they were just let loose like. Tell us what you want so. There has to be a little bit of guidance in this whole process correct. Yeah, yeah, there is yeah we're having. The vendors of that are in the aftermarket that are part of our directory they're actually giving us feedback, which were calling nominations, and so there's actually a survey that goes out just to the vendors where they've voted on roughly. Sixteen different choices of cars. probably we presented about twelve different drive line choices, and then a couple of different transmission rerun combinations but but we actually the very first question that we presented to them was the race class that they wanted to see us operate in in the modern street. Hemi shootout was obviously very first choice. NHRA. Were close second so. That's really exciting because. As a kid growing up I'm sure everybody's heard me. Talk about this a million times, but I loved reading car magazines and the one thing. I never saw into the future was that. There would be a situation where you watch them build cars, and they have you know. Six dedicated to a certain car build, but you never really got to actually see what the cars were capable of. You've got to read about it, but he never got to see it so what you're telling me is. We're going to get a chance to vote on. Basically choose your own adventure building this car. You're going to build it, and we're all going to choose what parts go on it and what cards going to be right and at the very end you're going to take it to the track and you're going to test it. We're going to test it, and then we're going to compete with it right. So the the class that it'll most qualify, for which obviously as we're building it, you know we'll be cognizant of weight. The drive line choices suspension setup all of that. will be picking a particular class, and then aiming for that, and then seeing how it competes against the crowd, so it'll be something that not only. Will you be able to vote on And of course always provide suggestions and feedback, because we'll be looking to the community for help questions essentially to if we have those, but you'll actually be able to see you know what you voted on compete against other cars of people that have been campaigning cars for many years and many of them. Almost you know professional semi professional. Race cars so it'll be pretty interesting. Yeah. This is GonNa be really fun for someone like me. Who doesn't have the money to do something like that, but has a wild enough imagination to go well, if I had to choose so that's GonNa. Be Really Cool I'm really. Excited to see how this all turns out and what the people really want to see if the track has what it all boils down to for me, anyway is what I would wanna see race at the track as far as vintage body, modern Mo-, par powerplant, which I preach about all the time on the show, because I really see. The potential in that, especially like talking with Blake Anderman from DIY Hemi about it. There's millions of Hemi powered cars on the road right now and eventually they're gonNA make their way to the U. poll wrecking yards and stuff like that and there's GonNa. Cores everywhere millions of them, so I think. You know the L. S. while I hate to say it. Be You know up here? As far as availability and price, but I really C Mo, par just nipping at

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