Highlights: Man City 4-0 Liverpool



City's four nil demolition of Livable Craig. Burley Steve Nicol and DOT WITH ME Steve Big deal. Know. Alyssa not disappoint, and it's as deflate and. But it's no big deal and really should we be surprised? You know Liverpool war on heightened. Anyway, and we're playing against a great team. And they just outplayed, but you know what. After the next game when they weren't well before Gotten Craig I saw you on twitter, talking about how this is taking the shine of slightly the title. Yeah Yeah was trying. Trying to encourage those edits that will suggest that not go away. Hide under a rock. Liverpool for fifteen twenty minutes. Were the Liverpool. That will come to admire, but then I just thank God. For you know war subconsciously. Doesn't really Martin and the. It doesn't for them and and some sense from a professional standpoint, the steam engine you don't. You don't ever want to have that happen as a player. In the League wrapped up nearly as you have then subconsciously unless. Pledge Not can say they've been celebrating. And some wager in this lockdown social destin's and still managed to enjoy this, and so the preparation has been affected is on top of that. You know we know set here agreed site. We know we'll set. These problems are done set. These problems have been the catastrophic mistakes have made defensively. They can open up any team. You're never meant that neither team that for seven days as we celebrate within the League you agree in. Yeah absolutely I there was a god Ivana formed by the Manchester City plans level, and quite rightly, too, but that was all. They began to give them tonight. I think they wanted to just make a point to live appropriate is little point and admire reflection. Watching that was it felt unreal. It felt like a friendly. It didn't have the intensity really of Manchester. Manchester Society Liverpool game as we understand it, it'd be end. It didn't really matter being Liverpool picture full strength team They wouldn't have wanted anything like that to happen, but it did and all. I can say really. Is that Liverpool? Party might have been a heck of a lot better than we all saw. Because the defendant in particular had double vision. Steve. What's that income? which is clarify that you're not broadcasting this show from inside the show or Cuba? benching cuts from living. Off. Of criticism of the date goal. If Mrs Dark appears from behind those curtains. I promise you. Stephen. Stevie. Stevie USB the situation before where you want. And having to go through the motions he must be. Yeah the one that comes to was way by two three Liverpool dropped the title up. We're like four games to go. And of course I'm I've just joined the team and I'm trying to get and so I'm I'm all on edge I'm I'm I'm coaching trated and that same team that completely dominated dot year. Finished the season with with like. Three defeats a two defeats, two draws, and then score any goals and. Just was was a shell of what had been previously, and these were these were experienced center national players who had been through the ringer renew. It was all about. And it didn't. Didn't really have that much. There was no wedge. There was no edge with the coaching staff and so. Particularly me I shouldn't have been surprised. It Didn't really matter in the end, but I'm intrigued to get your thoughts on the penalty Steve Did. You think it was the right decision. Listen I can see why the referee gave it because. Y-. Gomez on was across the front, and how to hold of of of Sterling, no question. The problem I have is that and the same tussle they were having sterling had half of Gomez Short, and he's left hand holding them all. So that's the only thing that annoys me I can see why it was given. A little dive, either by the way I don't see how you can die when somebody's holding onto your belly button. But I can see why it was governed. And as you said previously, the truth is the titles wrapped up. So why get bent over of boater? Didn't

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