Dare Ogunbowale of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers REJOINS the Pod - burst 16


Right? Let's close this podcast by talking about Mike Trout and baseball. I mean it's kind of on the victory depot level, but I mean it's way on. was about his way different because he has a child on the way. No, it's also a way different because this is the best player in the world, but I'm saying the reason he's pulling out is way more justifiable when you like you have when there's a child involved, and it's your family. That's why he's point opposite. His wife is expecting. That's what he's saying. I understand I understand I. almost take the opposite approach that like the depot, spilling out because he needs to get paid which he'll be able to support family doesn't want to get injured. He doesn't WANNA. Get hurt Mike Trout. Obviously. It's a huge milestone. Being there for the birth of your child, but It's not even being there for the birth of its like being around the early stages and everything. But, but think about this if he had had the child, if cove does happen, and the due day was still August. He wasn't gonNA be around anyways. Play? My. Childhood in one playoff series as entire life. That's the thing they've. Maybe this was the one year that might trout. The greatest player of all time that people say has played in one playoff series and I got a double check, but I'm pretty sure. He got swept. They just also signed some guys in traded for some team is very fun between him Otani. Pool host whatever he is, he's just an opt in. Who Else did they? They thought they got someone big from the dodgers. I forget who? Got Someone big. anyways might trout. Deciding between pulling out and not is a massive thing if he pulls out, it could all breakdown for the MLB. Already dropping David prices dropping. Mike Lee Draft now. There's a bunch of guys who drafts and. They signed up to play baseball. This isn't baseball. What's happening this this season? That's not basically. Some baseball sixty games. I know I sound like a baseball boomer Harto like it. It's not the worst. You sound like the worst. It's not baseball. Exciting for casual fans

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