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People who are going into space today


Spirit of Americans such as E. long musk SpaceX I encourage you obviously don't turn off the savage nation but then keep it on TV because they're getting ready for that launch I'm down here in Florida clouds are rolling in so it might be a delay will keep you posted on that but it has been ten years since American astronauts have gone into space ten years a lot of SpaceX rockets from E. long musk company have gone up but this is the first one with astronauts and those astronauts are going to be Americans remember it was Barack Obama always trying to take us two steps back and make us a banana Republic he ended our space program that began pretty much with the the presidency of John F. Kennedy so America returns to space the entrepreneurial spirit that liberals in America want to kill is alive and well and within no one hour and ten minutes or so give or take hopefully that ship will raise up from Cape Canaveral in the Kennedy Space Center and go northward and it's amazing about the SpaceX rockets is that

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