F9 to be released online due to coronavirus

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With this is John horn of course host of the frame on KPCC honorary vice president of the one eight movie club John the best night isn't the only movie that was scheduled for release is now is having a perhaps a very different release than was imagined by filmmakers what is going on with movies how are they making the decision whether to delay a release or to go ahead in unconventional means I think the easiest answer is it depends I mean I think a lot of studios have taken their big budget movies and move them out of the summer season so right now in theory you have been watching F. nine the latest fast and furious movie was supposed to open may twenty second it's now coming out in April of twenty twenty one Black Widow a Marvel movie was going to open may first it's now November seventh so the bigger movies mostly are postponing their releases there are some films where they are taking them straight to video on demand or streaming platforms it's what universal did with its trolls war world tour movie and what it's doing in a couple of weeks with Judd Apatow's film I king of Staten Island and then there's some movies like Hamilton which Disney was supposed to release next year theatrically that they're gonna put on their streaming service Disney plus pretty soon most of the big movies though are gonna wait because there's only a handful of theaters that are open now if you can't play a movie in every theater around the country that it doesn't make any sense that said Christopher Nolan's film tenant is supposed to come out July seventeenth in theaters and the live action version of Mulan is supposed to come out July twenty fourth still feels iffy to me but that's the plan that Warner brothers and Disney have for those two films and right now they're sticking to it so one of those movies that is gonna be streaming is vast of night as I'm in and it's playing at drive ins but it's gonna be streaming on demand on Amazon prime on Friday and joining us is the director Andrew Patterson from his home in Oklahoma high and you're welcome to wanting Hey good to be on the show I wonder how it feels for you to be releasing a movie at this moment in time unexpected you know we'd made the movie a few years back and felt like it was you know we didn't even know if for when we were gonna get a distribution deal and then it lands right in the middle of the pandemic we were scheduled for may fifteenth and so we have it a little bit and and actually went out nationwide in drive ins first and and people came out and had good experiences from what we can tell I mean I got to say the movie is uniquely suited for a drive and did you go watch it from your car yeah we did we what's that in the at Montclair mission tiki opening night and day you know unique experience at least to get to see a movie that has a lot of outdoor scenes and and in the sky plays a big part of the movie and and you have had lights flashing through parking lots in the movie and it kind of felt three dimensional away because of those extra elements sort of surrounding you at the drive in I'm gonna be super careful because I do not want to be the person explains this for anyone else but can you what can you tell us about this movie without spoiling anything yeah I mean when you work on a movie and and and marketed and publicize it you learn ways around maybe hoping not to tip the hat too much but yeah you know it's it's set in New Mexico in the nineteen fifties and and just those two elements a lone people sort of draw a line between them and and make some conclusions immediately in our film follow the switchboard operator who sixteen female name Faye and a radio DJ named Everitt who's eighteen nineteen twenty and they sort of start to hear some things through the radio and the switchboard that sound like they're not of at least local in in origin and then they decide to a curious and start to chase it down John this film is getting a lot of attention I wonder why would you say that is an again John no spoilers but what why are people so excited about this movie well it's really good I think that's the obvious reason it is a tremendously impressive first feature it is so well made so well acted really it's just a perfect little movie but I think one of the things that's odd about a film like this and it's feels a little kind of heartless to say it it actually is benefiting from the crown of virus because none of those big movies are coming out nobody is going to see the light latest Marvel movie or a lot latest fast and furious film so movies like this that are coming out on different platforms like streaming they're not having their release date how old have a real opportunity because there's not a lot of new content that people can find and here you have a film that would be maybe it would really face some challenges if it were real released theatrically as originally planned in mid may because it's going up against all of these giant movies and now it has kind of a little silo of no competition because there's nothing really playing in theaters and there's nothing that new or big or great that's debuting on streaming platforms so I think it's the in some odd way it's almost the perfect combination of a really good movie coming out when they're not a lot of really good movies

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