The Match Recap, Caddie Watch - burst 09

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Like. Hey check out what drew just put on instagram. And I was on the phone with him and this is real and he really means it. Drew brees was a shot at the winners and he was like me and Sergio got winners. Then I get a phone call from see. I can't even I want to say the name. Because if I say didn't name you're going to be like name dropper. Let's just say anyway art so during the match Ken Griffey Junior calls me and is like a text brooks your boy and tell them. Let's get the baseball side of this tape. Whip these football players behind in in. I'm paraphrasing. Of course yeah so the fact that it not only engaged just golf fans but athletes and celebrities at every level. Not only watch this. But now they all one into yup goes to show that. The whole cameras and microphones with no crowds around does not scare anyone at all. Yeah but here's what well no. It's the same thing is the same thing because you're not getting look you could okay two parts of that one. Yes you could do athlete in Pro Golfer without a crowd in with that kind of access. Because I agree with you there. But you're not getting but you're not getting this kind of access to the player in a normal.

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