After curfew, Miami Police disperse protesters following vandalism, clashes with officers


The curfew for Miami Dade County is in effect now and that means all who were protesting the George Floyd killing by a cop in Minneapolis need to clear the streets police confronted the large group headed in an area that was off limits this Otis continued across South Florida Miami's downtown streets in portions of interstate three ninety five west bound was affected affected for for quite quite a a while while today today police police say say a a pickup pickup truck truck drove drove through through a a crowd crowd of of protesters protesters in in Tallahassee Tallahassee causing causing people people to to run run screaming screaming as as protests protests across across the the state state erupted erupted in violence St Petersburg mayor and police chief for hoping for a day of peaceful protests but they say they were ready if things turn violent chief Anthony Holloway says to those coming to Saint Pete to protest George Floyd's death peacefully we hear you and want to talk to you but at the same time he says anyone committing an act of violence or destroying property will be taken into custody Merrick Christman says officials welcome a peaceful demonstration do so in a peaceful manner so that your voice truly does get heard and it doesn't get lost in the violence about three hundred showed up in front of the St Pete police department on Saturday Holloway says his officers only had problems with about ten to

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