Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best meets with remaining protesters after police scale back at East Precinct


Tensions continue to ease on Capitol Hill after Seattle police change their tactics toward protesters in front of the east precinct como Suzanne Phan talked to chief Carmen best about the modifications please try to get real resolution here I want to be clear about what the opt in with their objectives are in this area we want to make sure the people that live here feel comfortable too every time we try to make sure that we adjusted our deployments we recognize our judicial services were working so we moved in we open the streets on Friday chief best announced for the next thirty days yes would no longer be allowed for crowd control during protests but on Sunday night the department used it again saying that crowd threw rocks and glass bottles and several officers were hurt chief best underscore that the new police tactics with police this meeting peace with peace and she says she wants to make sure that everyone's opinion is heard and that there's also a

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