I'm a Feminist But...


I'm a feminist. But the other day my taxi driver, who was taking me from Chicago to the airport, so I could fly here to Toronto. WAS, woman, And, I pretty annoyed because it meant I had to lift my own heavy suitcase. Into the boot of the car. And she didn't get out cheated off again out. And why should she put cheese any better up? Body strength than me should. She shouldn't get out. But I was like. It was snowing. Sticking to walk I support women texture have so hard. Novocain, attacks driver, but maybe they could bring a bag. You just sits in just in. And he should not be paid because of the history of the world and the Patriots. Just be there to lift high back. Mentioned to voluntary basis like jury duty. Man. If I were running Canada. I would bring in. Jury style Bagman. Female taxi drivers. This is why I should be also elected your prime minister. I agree with that though I'm a feminist, but I only get mad. If Male Uber Dr Ruth don't get out to get my luggage. Like if it's a female uber driver, and she tries to lift my luggage I'm like ma'am. Hold on a second. Sir, come here. What you were waiting for Uber to who cares. This bag. If a man Uber driver didn't get out of the call. You'd be like get up. I did a star quick. Start. You want to do another Schumer acco oh. This is we were just talking about money. I'm a feminist. I. Always want to use his money. Savings accounts getting bigger and bigger because I I. Keep using here. You look so happy about. It's possible. That's why you have such big tax bill. I'm a feminist, but I'm watching Netflix, show you. which is about a male stalker and his female victim who has no idea? She's being stopped by him and is falling him there in a romantic. Relationship. She feels like they were renting relationship. And sometimes because he is reiter from his point of view. And because of the way stories work I, catch myself briefly, emotionally rooting for. The evidence of the terrible things he's done from. Because, she'll come into his apartment and you can see all of the evidence that he's got her old phone that he stolen. I don't WanNa. Give too much, but you know he's got this stalker. This is not a spoiler. He's got bits and bobs like a t shirts things she shouldn't have, and then he like passionately kisses her, and then behind her back. He's trying to push t shirts under so for whatever. Putting a phone under a kitchen and I of course because I'm watching a story I'm going Oh. My Gosh initially saw that quickly. Get onto the. From his point of view from the white. But also I'm really enjoying. It said at times what happens? I was just about to say. One? Started season. Okay, yeah, I think they added a feminist writer's room. Season Two more feminine for Season Two. Just saying I want spoil it. Often enough of it yet to know but Everest thing where you're going and what's interesting for me, but if I think they've done it to liberty, because normally you see it from the victim's point of view, a stalker, film or something like that Thrilla, so but he's interesting, but also I'm like stupid rooting for the.

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