Boston - Revere Police Investigate Hate Crime After Car Found Vandalized With Spray Painted Swastikas


Revere police are investigating after a car was found vandalized with spray painted swastikas and the phrase white power on the vehicle WBZ TV's Jim Smith reports those who know the the alleged alleged victims victims here here say say this this is is extremely extremely serious serious and and tonight tonight they're they're hoping hoping police police can can get get to to the the bottom bottom of of it it this this is is a a hate hate crime crime and and we we want want the the public public to to be be aware aware of of its its symbols of hate spray painted on a car in revere now being investigated by police a family says they found the vandalism earlier this month and they say it did not end with swastikas they claim the phrase white power was also spray painted on the street Rashid mocha beer is with an organization trying to help the victims he says they are of Moroccan descent and Muslims I believe that no one in the city free via or anywhere should be a target for hate crimes whether you are black white Jewish Muslim Christian or whatever religion you may believe a revere police confirm they are investigating this calling the incident a possible hate crime local beer once other agencies involved too there are very terrorized and this should

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