Tottenham vs Manchester United highlights and reaction



In the Premier League Tottenham Hotspur taking on Manchester United Finish Spurs. One united one. Craig Burley Stephen Nickell on frank, leboeuf. Replaced on that Game Craig. Let's start with you one one fan. Well, thank you deserve something that the game that we played No. No surprise that taught them were Clinton deep. That's what he did before the lockdown. That's continue to. But I thought you know journey. Passenger falstaff the shift. The Ball quelques PAS and particularly sweat. You play doughnut, right hand side where? You know for them. They were trying to exploit Maguire in Shaw. who comfortable for long periods but? You know all ultimately. Goal which is a really good one from United's perspective, and Maguire and couple of glory now. He made some changes then in April you know greenwood definitely poke pogba Mehta. Devon's and taught them. Just started this deep so I I think united at least good for point. Of course pro on ensuring the second half Franken in performance that you want to see more of his United Fan. Yes definitely you made a huge impact. When he came on and play for like thirty minutes and we saw was Fernandez that he was. He could make a very good pair and I want to see more of course, more involvement, but. E creed the penalty eventing. Maybe we're going to talk about it I don't think it was a penalty, but E was It was good. We had good mentality, and we know how good he is and how? Big Can before Manchester United. He's gotTa start now from now on Stevie. No, I don't think so it didn't. It didn't look particularly strong I. Mean You saw closeup? Italians and he was blowing. Pray heavy for the guy who. was playing for half an hour so clearly. He didn't start because he's not. He's not physically strong enough to settling. Play a whole game. Solskjaer decided to bring him on for a Hafer. Which is actually for? Makes, him look good. Clearly, the opposition were were running a steam. When you can bring on Sunday we're has ability. Then that's good forever body. It makes him look good and of course. Gives a team a left. I'd have to see on the other Tondo taught. Them. have. Marine is GONNA. Play this we all the time. What she certainly looks like. He's going to have to find a playmaker because he doesn't have what Eric Lamelo as much as you have the ball. He come come pick A. I don't know whether he sees a possible, even if he does it come pick it and he kept giving away and how? Kate must be thinking Oh my goodness. For the on percents shop. Physically, not he must be thinking while we actually going to do this game and game out because if he's going to have a tough time getting goals.

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