Companies and state governments celebrate Juneteenth, giving workers the day off


Today is June eighteenth a June. Nineteenth commemorates the ending of slavery. In the US the origin of the holiday comes from June nineteen, eighteen, sixty, five, when General Gordon Granger of the Union army, arrived with soldiers in Galveston Texas and told enslaved African Americans their the civil war had ended, and they were free more than two years after President Lincoln had signed the emancipation proclamation. June teeth is now celebrated in black communities across the US, and some have called for it to become a national holiday. Nearly all states recognize June teeth with some limited special status in this year. The NFL Nike and twitter have all recognized. June eighteenth as a company holiday. Governor Tom Wolfe is marking June. Teeth is a special holiday closure for employees under his during. For the first time is office as the more than seventy three thousand workers will get either the day off or a compensatory day to use it another time. If they are often, office remains open. The Governor says today is a moment to honor African, American history, and to reflect on how everyone can promote equality, liberty and justice for all people.

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