FBI concludes that Bubba Wallace not victim of hate crime over noose incident

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Federal law enforcement officials say that the news founded the team garage used by NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace was not an attempt at racial intimidation Wallace the only black driver in NASCAR's top series a noose incident at delegate at at Talladega superspeedway in Alabama prompted a huge so overall show support around the country and peers Tom Goldman an FBI investigation found evidence the news had been there for months long before Bubba Wallace was assigned to that garage for the rate yes NASCAR president Steve Phelps says it's fantastic to hear Wallace wasn't a target of a hate crime this month Wallace led a successful push to ban the Confederate battle flag at NASCAR events Phelps says he'll always remember the overwhelming show of support for Wallace at Monday's race and that was a very powerful image in in not just the history of our sport but I think in all sports so since there still was a noose in a Talladega garage any says NASCAR will continue its investigation to determine

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