Why Do Givers Attract People Who Are Takers - 577


On My instagram stories this week, I asked people. Are you giver or a taker? and. Ninety five percent of the people said they were givers very interesting. That's what we will be discussing head on today on the lean show. I'm Shawn Johnson I'm here with my husband. This is Brett Johnson and I will be driving the vehicle today. You're such a giver. All right. Well I just thought it was hysterical when I saw that. Ninety five percent of people say that they're givers. Screen shotted said. and. I just did a bunch of laughing emojis. Well first of all most people might classify themselves givers, but no polls never be ninety five percent anything. Yeah, so first of all. Let's figure out. Let's define givers and takers, so a giver is someone who thinks of others. They're always trying to figure out ways that they can be of service how the can make someone's life easier? They tend to be very thoughtful. I mean selfless. And they are always thinking about other people I I think that's how I would define a true giver in. They do not wait to even be asked. That's right. That's when you elevate. Give her plus don't have to even asked to do something you do it before. It even Bates your nature. Give her isn't expecting anything in return nothing, but a thank you. Maybe yeah, even if they don't get that, they'll keep giving. That's true. Giver will give to people that they don't know how a giver will give to people, even when that person can't do anything for them can't elevate them somehow does. Now are ninety five percent of people that way hail, now no, 'cause you magic, what this world would be like to live in ninety five percent of the people fought like that very nice being seen. A tanker. How would you categorize a taker? A taker is just somebody that there I thought isn't. Somebody else like they have a close friend and. You know they might even know that. They're going through something with their kids or at work or at their husband or wife, or whatever in there. I thought isn't to reach out to see how that person is doing or if they could do something for that person at taker, I think as someone who have a little bit of a victim mentality. They tend to think like other people are supposed to think of them I. It's always like always me. Why didn't you take care of me like? Can you do this for me? They don't have any problem asking for things. Takers expect things to get done for them. Yeah, they just expect that people are going to ask about them. They expect that people are going to do for them. Just expect it. There's a little bit of an a

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