Salvinorin A and Biased Opioid Signaling w/ Austin Flohrschutz MS of TruPotency (From BTS #27)


But our goal you could actually make small changes to a molecule, and it would very easily turn from kappa to a mule receptor agonists, and that's actually how basically all of our standard work like morphine can end oxycodone and stuff like that. So, we were still kind of hitting the same receptor. But we were also looking at something a little bit more complex something called biased signaling. What this means for. Those of you don't know when you activate a receptor it. has a typical signaling cascade that it does. but you can actually activate multiple things and. When you activate it in different ways, you can actually. bias it towards one pather another. And so we think one pathway is more associated with the addiction side of the opioids, and we think the other pathways more associated with the pain relief side, and so we were trying to essentially make on more biased to the pathway that would be for pain relief than the pathway for drug addiction. That is super fascinating wow. Wow so that's you can actually try to nudge these opioid compounds to try to provide more pain relief and less addictive potential. In a for anyone who's in science to kind of? Understand, these terms one of the pathways is Beta arrested pathway. In, the other pathways Assia pathway which is another. Salsa glass or pathway. Yeah, yes, involved in a lot of stuff. I did a little bit of studying on the pathway for looking at autophagy involved in that. That's that's yeah. Super Super Cool. That's that's honestly something that I I. Think I've come across that concept of by signaling a long time ago. Never thought about it again probably since I came across it in college, and never thought about it in that context that is that a super cool and you're able to flip. So what changes to the molecule did you make? two Salvadoran to make that flip in the type of opioid receptor that it target. So there's a an acetyl group on there and we would essentially like switch out for a funeral group. Would essentially. Essentially, do it get us from. Capitol, Mu, now the work that I was doing was essentially modifying a different part of the molecule, but part of the web has been working with molecule for for years and years so they they had modified different. Functional Groups just about everywhere on the

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