State of California rolled



The virus hasn't gone away in many cases in many states the virus numbers keep going up to record numbers even here in California and I wonder you know are you seeing more Angelenos than before wearing masks I I think you know why they were pretty good you know I think there is some kind of quite a sense of community hearing people at least you know the neighborhoods I've gone through I've I've been sort of pleased by how many people wearing masks but we are starting to see an uptick here in California as we are in many states and you know I think we're all you know professionals are very anxious about what we're going to see in the next two weeks because of the moment we've seen an uptick in cases but we've not yet seen the uptick in ICU and hospital admissions and deaths and I I worry that that's gonna happen in the next two weeks but I I think in LA you know most people understand that this is important and again I I say to people if you aren't in the situation if you walk into a house alone if you walk into a bar or restaurant and people aren't wearing masks you also have a choice your choice is kind of to take your business somewhere else so I think that's also another way we can indirectly support the people who are doing their part to help slow this pandemic you you mentioned that you worry about you know even more cases in the next two weeks is that because of recent demonstrations people not wearing masks outside or what do you worry about I

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