NASCAR rallies around Bubba Wallace following noose incident, drivers push car to front of pack



NASCAR at Talladega. Alabama one of their most famous events and Bubba Wallace. Who is the only black driver? On the entire NASCAR circuit was getting ready for the race last night. It turned out to get postponed because of weather. They're running it today. And, there was a noose discovered in bubba Wallace's garage. And people are furious. The other drivers today in an incredibly emotional scene. Pushed bubble Wallace's. Out to the front of the line while he was in it. The other drivers. He put the car in neutral. The other drivers pushed his car to the front of the line, and then every crew member from every team, so all of the crew members all the drivers in a massive show of support for Wallace, simply walked behind him on the track. Walk behind the car. If you haven't seen it, it is really something to see. It's an extraordinary and makes it got me thinking. I can't believe that one man in this case bubble Wallace. is in what happened. Last night was obviously the worst. With the news, but one guy is moving the sport out of the Dark Ages. He's by himself. In the the shows were it reminded me, and I don't don't at me. Because I know, it was way worse for Jackie Robinson way worse at a time when this country was way more racist, but if you watch the movie forty two. You. Have this incredible feeling of empathy for Robinson because he was. The one black guy in a locker room, twenty four other white guys, so he was just taken the brunt of it like like people yelling inward word from the spans. And what you what you gather when you watch that movie and again I can't recommend it enough Harrison Ford Place Branch Rickey Chadwick Bozeman plays Jackie. Great movie. It's just really done. And and the one thing that that I noticed was there were guys that were against Robinson being on the team. And, they all got either traded or released. They just the dodgers looked at those guys, and said all right look. If you don't get it, we can't help you. You're gone. There was another manager on another team. May It was played by guy who was on your podcast once Alan Tutic. was just a racist manager. Screaming the N Word Jackie Robinson Wally was at the plate from the Dugout, and that guy got fired. It never worked in baseball again and the the feeling that came back to me today watching those drivers stand behind Wallace and push his car out to the middle of the track is this. Racial Injustice Vin around forever. We're not getting rid of it in two weeks. It's just not going to happen. All these racists are going to start coming out of the woodwork, but when they do the fact that all of the other drivers basically said you're not beaten us. You can't win this and the fact that the reaction to this is a massive man on including the FBI for. Use in the garage. Sure has ensued. And, so in all this hate in that as you put it terrible story last night, and Talladega I see some light at the end of the tunnel, because just like Robinson led baseball out of the Dark Ages. Maybe bubble Wallace is doing that for NASCAR. What do you think? Well, can we just say something here I mean. Can we just have a moment of actual honesty? This is about the south. Man. This is about the south I mean. Southerners will not let this go. They will not let go of their confederate flag, but they're not GonNa win go of their confederate monuments. They just won't let go. NASCAR will not give this up. There was a plane flying over Talladega last night. THINK DE-FUND NASCAR I mean there's something very southern about this, and and there's there should be an embarrassment. There should be a level of embarrassment and a level of shaming of the south and I know there are probably southerners who live in southern California. Who would? Stand to defend the south and say hey. We're not all like that, but the impression is that you are all like that. The that's the impression of of the south. This isn't happening. Hate crimes happen all over the country, but this is among the. Rich and I hope I. Hope this person goes to jail. I hope this person is criminally prosecuted and goes to jail. You cannot leave a noose in the garage of a black man. And expect to get a wave. Get Away with it, and there are cameras now. Apparently all over town just redid it, so they're going to find out whoever this is I hope he's ashamed. I hope he's arrested that person that person's done I mean. That's their legacy. WHOEVER GETS EXPOSED TO BE THIS GUY? That's their legacy. It's like that. That cop and Minnesota, that's his legacy.

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