#EERS S9 Ep110: The Noose News Was Not - burst 17


The virus There's a huge explosion at Myrtle beach in South Carolina. And it's coming from beach parties and beach gawor's and restaurant tours, who were not wearing masks and not socially distancing. It's not coming from people taking the standard precautions like for example social distancing washing your hands regularly wearing a mask when you're in public. If you wear a mask in public, and you wash your hands and you avoid crowds. You'RE GONNA. Be Okay if If I, was talking to a buddy mine. about our South Carolina trip. WHO works over there and he says look you. You don't go out to restaurants If you do go to a restaurant, eat outside, not inside that you stay away from large crowds of people in you wear a in public otherwise stick to your beach house and enjoy the beach.

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