Coronavirus: Ibuprofen tested as treatment to reduce COVID-19 symptoms


Now we know there are many scientists all around the world working on a vaccine for corona virus and we also know there is no single proven treatment for it so there will be a loss of interest in news that a U. K. clinical trial is looking at whether ibuprofen could work the anti inflammatory drug which has shown great promise in initial tests on animals will be administered to those with breathing difficulties that speak to professor metalsmith who is director of king's college London center for invasive therapeutics that's one of the bodies working on the trial welcome to the program I'm sorry but just getting you to outline for us whiny should be there were fears that ibuprofen could actually be detrimental in the treatment for corona virus hi good afternoon yes there were some initial concerns raised we have concerns rise from from the French health ministry and there was an article published as well which which really laid out the theoretical concerns and you know it it is important to consider however what happens afterwards was that there was a review of the evidence including a review of studies that looked at earlier infectious diseases like birds I'm the first Sauls was what is the current head that make and they concluded there was no evidence that this drug could increase the chance of an infection taking hold was sind symptoms and this yeah there are statements released from the World Health Organization the European medicines agency and also the U. K. commercial medicines also released a statement saying that there's no evidence of of home here okay so tell us then walked there is that suggests that type of pricing could reduce inflammation and in the lungs trolls so well there's no there's no evidence of home in order to demonstrate benefit we have to do a trial so why do we think that this trial is important well I'll be pricing has been suggested as a treatment for the respiratory distress that you can get with carpet nineteen disease for a long time in fact prescription dress distress in general but can come from other infections and other lung diseases as well coming all the way back to the nineteen eighties and this is mostly in animal models now they're all concerns with all of your preference side effects you know it's not super tolerated drug if for example you have ulcers we don't risk of gastric bleeding so this particular formulation on record from where you sit is a lot safer and you also have a better buyer distribution in the body so it can enter the immune system S. as well and in the animal models which of my struggles of acute respiratory distress syndrome the survival in the months goes up dramatically when a given this unique formulation of ibuprofen okay I'm what I'm what that will do it would be a formulation be given once it's established that you have covert nineteen Sir do you know this is this is very important so this is not something that's going to prevent you from getting the disease a toll and in fact this is specifically targeted at certain symptoms which we think are in the mid disease stage so we're really looking at patients who are hospitalized and the way they would receive the drug is actually very simple to just be in capsules is warm truck so we're all used to argue pricing is not like that but it's toward drug okay well we wish you all the best with the at the trial professor Mifsud messa a director of king's college London center for innovative therapeutics one of the bodies working on that U. K. trial to see if I'd be profane can be amongst the treatments being given for patients

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