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The Day We Had An Honest Conversation - burst 13


They're really scared about what's going on, there Lady Gaga has cancelled her chromatic listening party because of everything going on with George Floyd, case and everything just. Just going on in the world right now, she didn't feel was the right time, so she has decided to cancel that over the weekend. people are still talking about Kobe nineteen as well a David. GUETTA did his best to get some people to dance over the weekend. He hosted Hashtag united at home NYC livestream dance party raising money for Covid nineteen, and he raised over four hundred and fifty thousand dollars so. So that was pretty cool, and he did it down with a lot of people in new. York City so that was something good. That happened over the weekend. A VIACOM CBS is doing its part to let the African American community. Know that they matter their platforms CBS BE MTV, they're all gonna go dark today for eight minutes and forty six seconds to mark the time in which George Floyd was brutally killed as A. A tribute to him and other victims of racism. They're also going to be joining blackout Tuesday

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