Coronavirus symptom checker app predicts infections with nearly 80% accuracy


There there is something very promising that is working very well in tests here in the United States and also in Great Britain there is an app that is fascinating because it allows scientists to track coronavirus faster than public health authorities can do so and it is so simple it's amazing I've been using this app there is extensive write up in the journal nature medicine which is an offshoot I guess of nature anyway in this app Falam vet it was able to predict whether somebody was going to develop coronavirus with eighty percent accuracy it's unreal how successful it's been they've also been able to figure out who is the likeliest individual to what are the likeliest symptoms an individual will have leading end to having coronavirus yeah we've heard over the minds about the dry cough and all that that didn't even make the top things that they found that people self report they've had who later turned out to have it and didn't number one predictor loss of taste and smell by far followed by extreme fatigue and extreme muscle pain this app is all self reported stuff I mean you don't have to do it at all it's something you can do and it's something that I have been thrilled to use my wife has downloaded as well and go to the apple store or the Google play store and download the covert symptoms study that's believe it or not the name of the

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