Artist Bruce Sulzberg on painting Rafael Nadal


Welcome to the tennis dot. Com Pot guest. I'm one of your host. Nina Pantic joined in this episode by my co host. Irena Falconi! Hey, guys! How's it going? And we have a very interesting episode of everyone today we are with the owner artists of cells media. Fine Arts Bruce Cells Bruce Welcome thank you, thank you so much for having me. Bruce? Do you have a very interesting story? I don't think a lot of people know it has to do with Ross doll. You don't usually have artists on our show, so that's why this is very unique and special you wanNA. Tell everyone story when it comes to tennis. Even if you're not a player or coach or tournament organizer, so let's start with you know where you are in the world during this quarantine and how your life is going these days, it's been very interesting. Interesting just like I would say probably ninety nine point. Nine percent of the world is trying to figure out what the hell you're. GonNa do during his time. you know the one fortunate part about it as being an artist, I've been locked in the studio painting new paintings and working with different ideas and working with RAF and his team Carlos Costa to figure out new and inventive ways to drive in bill business and do things that we are currently not used to doing. So it's been. It's been a wild interesting two months of figuring that out. What's your interest level tenants? Do you play? How did you get into this? US Fascinating I'm actually one of those weird concoctions of I'm an artist athletes so I was a big time athlete. As a kid played eight years of Baseball's all-star in baseball play basketball. I was all star in basketball. Basketball led me. Tennis I was a basketball player. Freshmen in highschool and kind of got into. An argument with my coach basically just decided to leave basketball. And I picked up a tennis racket and I had just. It was a natural thing for me to do. And before I knew I, had a professional coach, and my coach was played played on the tour and played John McEnroe. He saw me play and before I knew I was training with some of the best players in northern, California. And so I played high school career. played college and I still train. I still training a tribe while afford the pandemic I was out there every week. just started getting back out there about a week ago when they released the courts, but tennis is definitely in. My jeans had so much, so that my son plays college tennis. I'm actually had a scholarship to Chapman University as I used to play and made teams freshman, and he's also coach now, too, so and even though he still in college, but yes, definitely in my blood and strange enough. Raw Molly the owner of art encounter. That is my distributor. It turns out the way that we got this deal with him. Was He was tennis player in his whole family's sex players, and when he saw the original painting that I did have all sprouted in hadn't seen them in years we. She just freaked out. Saying Oh my God. This is unbelievable what I told him. I have five hundred signed by the dog himself. Personally and myself and we did a whole thing back in the day. When we have this painting, he's like. Nope, that's it. We're going to do something, so it's been a very unique tennis story all the way around. I can honestly say I think it's been a while that I've actually heard someone say that. They're both an athlete an artist. When was When was the moment where you're figured out like? Wow, I actually have a knack for this whole painting thing. That was easier. I I was asking rg by the time. I was five six seven years old. My parents had me in special school. Special Art schools and You know it was something that they noticed when I was one years old that I can draw and I'd actually kept first painting I drawing than I ever did when I was one and They just knew my dad was artist. He never followed that trade. Actually went into corporate business, but my dad is very artistic used to do paintings. So I kind of had that gene in me. And I just knew at a very early age. That was what I was going to do my life. We hear so much about young athletes figuring out their skill set at a young young age at like three, four five, and to see that art is very similar as interesting for those who don't know the story Bruce is the owner of Salzburg Media Fine Arts, a broad range of professional sports team three. Of National. International athletes he got three D work of Rafa. Nadal for those are not watching this on video. It's behind him, but it's also going to be a link in our episode information. He's also got artwork of Muhammad. Ali Michael Jordan Prince. Fielder Dirk Nowitzki. Irk Nowitzki I'm not a basketball person. I'm sorry. Most importantly. It's the tennis painting that we're really here to talk about, and it's Three D. art, so I want to start with what is three art. What's the process for making an artwork like this before we get into the Roth story? This was very unique idea. That I came up with lean back in nineteen, ninety five, I was doing my very first art show at the New York our next on back in those days that was the largest art show in the world. Everything was painter of any place anywhere was there exhibiting in was at the Jacob Javits in New York City, so as massive and I back then you the jury to get in so jury to get an shared a booth with another artist, and when I was there, all brought was abstract paintings on canvas, because that's what I was painting at the Time Big Love Klee Miro. Picasso, that was kind of backroom basically, and we've been in the show for five days and insult. Damn painting and I told. My My. Fiance at the time in my mom was there with me. I gotTa Take I. Just need to go walk the show and I said. You know if I'm going to do anything in my life I've got to figure out how to do something that no one has ever done and for some reason and it's time. My Dad owned art gallery. Very very successful one back in San Francisco. East Bay and I just something popped in my head. work on glass. Just a glass on the second I got home I started Phil around layers of plexiglas and low and behold. That's how it was born I. Just we just figured out how to frame it how to do the whole thing in. One, doing where usually as an artist you paying on one level is a canvas most most of the time. You're just doing everything on that level of what I wanted to do with cigarette how to take a look at an image of a painting in break it up and put different parts of each of painting on glass, and then use spicer's to separate them, so there's space in between each layer. You get that natural three d look with no gimmicks, no anything no lighting. It's all based on different layers and different perspectives, so that's how it was born and. The risk on history.

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