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Check Yourself Before You CEREC Yourself with Dr. Rich Rosenblatt (CHP48)


Awesome. Wow, and that's actually. One evening I came home and. In the middle of the Marble Rye episode, I walked in the House and. We It was right. The scene where George, and his mom and dad are in the car coming back from the dinner, and they're arguing in the car and I love that scene so much because it actually reminds me of my mom and dad, arguing in the car over something stupid over some perceived slight that happened. At the dinner between Susan's parents, and and George in their family, and it was like I walked into my own life. From from the office, but pretty soon after that episode aired I stopped. Thursday nights because I didn't WanNa Miss Seinfeld so some, and plus it was. It was poorly productive in not good for business to be there on Thursday nights in any way so anyway. Have about you, are you? A fan of match has fan because we coach stuff all the time with like my buddy Dave Giuliani like he's crazy. Seinfeld fans, Gills, and I will always go back and forth. I think of one episode just because of. An one specific part in an episode, my favorite My favorite McKay is my favorite episode is one that I that I relate to the most is shaky the mobile because as Ju. I I always make the joke when everyone starts talking in manhood ever comes out. Might my immediate joke is having aggressive moyle? That's always my line, so I loved shaky. The Moyal, because it just makes me laugh joke I. always tell everybody is like my favorite thing. Ever on Seinfeld was when they showed the blooper reel of Jerry, Stiller and Julia Louis Dreyfus of want me. Piece?.

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