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Protests Derail Comeback for Restaurants, Retailers


For some retailers and restaurants it's a double whammy first corona virus now protests Serrano Serra of the Wall Street journal has more Serra what big box retailers have been most affected what part it was really the first biggest retailer that we saw fifteen serious damage to the stores and have to share some stories headquartered in Minneapolis where George Bush side in police custody and they have a store on Lake Street which is one year where he died you know that was looted and burned out last week they have since you know over the weekend close about two hundred stores but it's a it's a really rapidly evolving situation you know they said when I talk to them over the weekend because can be causing a disturbance may have to shut down the sources further opening and closing I think about seven stories right now have been damaged Walmart also closed hundreds of stores preemptively to prevent damage to stores and some of their stories also the state that much what is Amazon done to protect its employees that they are limiting deliveries in some cases you know not one of the first and beyond that it's a little bit unclear how that will affect them the community is you know it's really small businesses that have been hit hardest for example near that target in Minneapolis now there's a strip of family businesses chiropractors liquor stores restaurants that were also damaged and more that are closing preemptively in many cities and as you set up you know in the beginning a lot of restaurants and small businesses have been closed since March for corona virus reasons and so this is supposed to be sort of a re opening moment and instead they're shutting down longer there are retailers and our restaurants insured against looting damage or is it an individual case by case basis for the smaller folks you know it isn't an individual case by case basis it'll eat up a large companies have insurance and many of the smaller businesses have insurance as well I think for many of them when we talk to some of the small business owners it's really figuring out especially at this moment when they're already in financial stress how long can you keep going you know they've already had to serve whether payroll and figure out how to pay the bills and rent they're they're not in a strong financial position to

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