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Eight degrees at six o'clock


Eight degrees at six o'clock good evening I'm Kim Gordon the news is sponsored by apple Chevy dot com more fallout and new charges against the officers involved in the police shoot the death of George Floyd the bowl season appears to be officially over baseball still doesn't have a start date and bears players speaking out over the death of Georgia Florida bringing all that sports and I'm in the business Wall Street that numbers were higher today will have those coming up WGN traffic here's Lauren left out in this report is sponsored by a P. info because of the demonstration in the Brownsville area police have now closed the Dan Ryan ramps at thirty fifth and thirty first in the inbound Stevenson ramp to king parts of thirty first thirty fifth Michigan Indiana and king are also closed in the area meanwhile nearby there's a reported swat situation at fifty first that's now closed westbound between state and the Dan Ryan in the Oaklawn evergreen park area one hundred third still closed between kids in Pulaski Ford demonstration over there instill some bridges up today downtown that would be Van Buren Jackson Adams Monroe Madison Franklin St Wabash in Michigan the rest are open ground game is the latest podcast from the Associated Press posted by AP's Julie pace ground game discusses election strategy author primary season download it wherever you get your podcasts I'm more laughter from the IDA traffic center reminding you to drive responsibly it really is a matter of life or death the news is next a versatile U. G. and forecast here's meteorologist Majorie cyber was already early today then sunshine and now mostly clear skies tonight down to sixty

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