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Day going to and from school faced a lot of challenges just getting from point a to point B. so they'll know what it is to have to deal with our law enforcement which doesn't view them as human beings the less less than that perhaps as targeting them and so there's a lot of frustration there because they see it so often in their own lives and make sure that again nationally and obviously it's going to multiply in the city so they and I think that's the biggest thing is that frustration and and you know what can I do and so we keep reminding them that you know all day and they are part of the solution where you know that they have to stay the course and make sure that they understand their responsibility to you know to get out there and their wall we are we are both out there saying having these negative stereotypes and saying they can't succeed and saying now they're going to do is engage in violent behavior and that they you know our victims right they've got to get out there and make sure that they're proving to the world that's not the case

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