Ely Parker | Part 2 | The Civil War


Hello and welcome to Iroquois history and legends. I'm Caleb. I am Andrew we are continuing with our series on the lustrous Mr L. E. S. Parker last episode we talked about his early life is education his diplomacy with the United States and his job as a civil engineer, and where he finds himself, now is in between jobs, and at the brink of the civil war in the United States breaking out, and I'm GonNa sum this up. Up What had happened was we saw all these native American peoples being removed from their land and forced to move west across the Mississippi and into the Oklahoma territory with all these native peoples depopulated from the eastern United States that left all kinds of area that opened up for agriculture and farming, and this led to more tension between the northern and southern states, because you had people joining to rush into the southern and western states. And, they wanted to make sure that slavery was instituted these places because then they could keep their balance of power higher in the US Congress were they could get more senators or members of the House of Representatives to make policies that would guarantee the rights of the southern territories and states, so that's where we find ourselves in and states are rushing around to be declared slave or free, and then a Abraham Lincoln gets elected president, and all heck breaks loose now you may think hey, Parker. He became a captain in the New York. State militia right so he's probably getting ready for war to. But no, he wasn't called upon for his services in engineering in the military or anything so after he finished his contracts in. Illinois he moved back to the tunnel, Wanda reservation and began farming. He quickly became very bored Andrew farming was not the life for a man like him. Many of the Seneca were gearing up for war, looking to join the United States Army Parker went and spoke to his father. Who as you recall from last episode was a veteran from the war of eighteen twelve, and he received his blessing to take up the war, Pat, but Parker. He wasn't. GonNa go as grunt. He wanted to go as a commission soldier. You'd already been. been a captain in the New York militia, so he asked the governor of New York for a commission like a real commission is apparently the militia commissions didn't really count the governor of New York declined so then what did he do when things fail in New York do what everybody else does. Go to a different state. I'm just kidding, but he did. bypass New York state and try to go directly to the federal government. You know. He had some friends in high places in Washington at this point, so he said Hey. Captain in the New York State militia civil engineer. How about a commission? declined. He got a letter from the Secretary of war Edwin Stanton. Quote. Parker this is a quarrel between white men, in which you Indians are not concerned, unquote. Another federal official that he wrote to told him quote. Unquote and I'm sure. They said it just as condescendingly. Some people may have made departure that his lack of US citizenship. Maybe what's holding him back from getting this commission? Because this is the same time that we see, he actually applied for citizenship. Oh, how'd that work out for him? Mile had a lot like everything else to the government. He was turned it down again. So from eighteen, sixty, one to eighteen, sixty two, he worked on his farm, and he also worked for the Indians on the reservation. He penned one letter to an old militia General John Martindale where he jokes about being a bad farmer and eating a wife, he asked the general quote. If, he knew any strong, healthy, double breasted woman that would want to be a farmer's wife. Can you say that again? That strong. HOW DOUBLE BREASTED WOMAN! So I thought you said? Did you think double breasted? Okay then we're just. This is a family home to show after all so. We'll just leave it at that. I don't know it seems like pretty good things to look for in a woman. Was His. With a lot of single I'm. You were saying. Parker has been farming for about two years now any starting to think that he's never gonNA. Get his chance. But he did still have a few friends looking out for me and you. And they were a couple of friends that were becoming pretty influential in the war, and Parker didn't even think the contact them. One of them was the jeweler in Gallina, and the other was the grocer. They are now being known as General John. Smith and General Ulysses S grant. They actually said to themselves. You know who we could use right now is parker. Parker was joined to the General Staff with the rank of captain in May twenty, fifth, eighteen, sixty three, but you'll never guess Andrew. He found another complication and this one is coming from a different. Place than you would think. If you remember Parker was made a what. Saito in say tim was a life appointment. Holding has shown checks and balances aspect of the government. Say Chimps were the political leaders. And they could not go to war right? You would have a war chief appointed, and you would have your say. And you'll have your clan. Mothers Each end so now he wants to go to war, but he's a saint shown so Ariza. Wait a minute. Can you legally legally from the? WHO NEEDS schone standpoint? Can you legally go to war? So a meeting was held, and they decided that sense he would be a captain fighting in the war of the whites. You would not be violating the checks and balances protocol.

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