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New York Governor Cuomo Meets With Trump at White House


Governor governor Cuomo Cuomo sat sat down down with with president president trump trump in in Washington Washington Cuomo Cuomo says says they they talked talked about about infrastructure infrastructure about about projects projects that that need need to to be done and the jobs that could be created the governor of then ripped into Republicans in Congress who are opposed to providing federal funding to hard hit states like New York walking into the White House wearing a mask governor Cuomo says he had a good conversation with the president on the re opening on stimulating the economy and getting the economy back I think that's his focus but he had not so nice things to say about members in Congress who are blocking funding to states decimated by the pandemic singling out the Senate Majority Leader senator McConnell has his hand out and he receives more money for his state then he puts it Cuomo says he and the president put aside their political differences in talked instead about infrastructure projects including a fast track federal review for the air train at LaGuardia he says they'll talk about it more next week al Jones ten ten wins

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