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When it came to what the Atlanta police department did to these two young people this is very


Union is fighting back saying these officers were even notified before the charges were filed bringing in at channel two investigative reporter Nicole car live in a cold there's a lot of details here you have a deeper dive kind of into a look at everyone who was involved yeah let's start with the police union you have them on one in saying Hey there was not a proper investigation by the DA's office nor a PD and all of this and you have the district attorney saying he seen enough in three days to file these charges and then you have a lot of eyes on this all over the world right and it started with live TV on Saturday night the conduct involved in this incident it is not indicative of the way that we treat people in the city of Atlanta golden county district attorney Paul Howard wasted no time charging six Atlanta police officers involved in this Saturday night's teasing an arrest of Morehouse and Spelman students Masaya yung and tonight a pilgrim I feel a little safer now the these monsters are off of the street but the police union is calling foul saying there's yet to be a thorough investigation we've had cases that have gone to the four years that the DA fall our hasn't been able to make a decision on it had officer sitting on desk for two to four years yeah you can do this really quick in three days I think there's a lot more motivation here than trying to you know sure sure justice or two while I do the right thing the students said after Graham it's gonna turn imala Dave Gerry Davis how are you I will be busy I'm well just you know in a king I won't say what modem man but are minimal today what is happening made of us watched tonight you filled room and messiah young literally some of us are live on TV I have to be watching and we kept trying to figure out what was going on here tell us what was going on yeah what happened what went wrong here when it came to what the Atlanta police department did to these two young people this is very an example of excessive force the mindset in fact some of and the culture of of too many police in the all of what we just heard about from the chief of police at the union this is when we say the system of white supremacy the system defending exactions because of what he you know black children each dish you know their students to be

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