Struggling with Digestive Problems?


I'm Shelby Olsen. I'm a licensed nutritionist. With a bachelor's degree in exercise science and a masters degree in clinical nutrition and I understand that education is really important when it comes to talking about human health and nutrition. And of course I learned lots of things about nutrition and health while I was completing my master's degree. But to be honest with you as a practicing nutritionist with nutritional weight and wellness. I feel like I've learned even more so much of that. Clinical experience working with clients helping people feel their best. You know they always talk about education's great you learn lots of good things but when you're out in the real world working with people that's really where you've got to use those problem solving skills you really have to understand what is going to make a big difference here for people. We don't WanNa talk about theories we WANNA talk about action step so theresa and I are tasked this morning with talking about how those of you can change your digestive health so our topic is all things related to digestion have digestive problems. You certainly are not alone. According to a survey in the Journal of gastroenterology seventy four percent of the US population has some type of Gi symptoms and Gi gastrointestinal symptoms. That could be things like heartburn or acid reflux that could be abdominal pain or nausea. And of course that could be bloating gas diarrhea and constipation. You Know Teresa when I was in my first year of my master's program one of my professors said to me. You know if you're not comfortable asking people about their poop you're in the wrong profession. Isn't that or digestive. Problems are a common reason. People make an appointment with a traditional or a Dietitian. You know three so. I know you're busy in the office. Always but I'm sure you have clients that are in their eighties or ninety S. I'm sure you work with kids as well. You know we see that people can have digestive problems regardless of their age in fact we were talking before we came in that. There's a nutrition educator with nutritional weight and wellness who is a physical therapist and specializes in helping kids with chronic and very severe constipation. And I was KINDA SURPRISED TO LEARN. That parents are flying in all over to get help with constipation. Whether it's some some nutrition help some physical therapy help as you might imagine. Childhood Constipation is not very enjoyable for parents. Oh you feel your paying exactly so when we think about constipation. Oftentimes we're thinking about processed foods. Excess sugar were really looking at. What could be that foundation of creating that slow digestion or creating more of that painful Experience so another culprit that I think is often linked to constipation in children cheese sticks. And we're going to talk a little bit more about foods that are more challenging for the digestive tract but cheeses often constipated for both children and adults so think about the foods. Kids eat MAC and cheese pizza. Maybe snacking on crackers and cheese or those sorts of things they can be really challenging for those little belly's to digest. Yeah those are the foods that I think are very common. That kids are eating right now. Just because they're they're easy to eat first of all. I mean as far as just the mechanics of eating them right and then Yeah I mean. They're very convenient for parents to give their kids to right so parents. If you're listening you do have a child or you. As an adult or struggling with constipation or other tummy. Troubles are tasked today. Theresa and I are really hoping to address what helps with good gut health. And what may happen? If you don't have that right balance in the intestinal tract now it may surprise some of you listening to learn that your gut is even connected to your brain. We talked about that gut brain connection now. You heard her voice Joining me in studio this morning is our co host Teresa Wagner. I would say First and foremost she's a mom that's where she's spending a lot of time but we also get her a few days a week to in our offices and of course on the show so theresa you're a registered and licensed Dietitian. And how long have you been practicing? I think I've been a nutritional weight and wellness for five years. Maybe it's six. Yeah this they time flies when you're having fun so you must be fine now at one time. Teresa you and I were talking a little bit more as Nutritionists Dietitians. We experienced some of these things too. And I think you've kind of shared you've had some day just of issues before so hopefully you can kind of bring us into some of that discussion. Yes and maybe before we discuss that and before we discuss heartburn diarrhea constipation. Ibs I want to talk about how your immune function is connected to your Gut Hill. So not just the brain but also the immune system. Yes everything's connected. Isn't it approximately seventy percent of your immune system is found in your digestive system and because of Cova Nineteen? Many of us are trying to do everything. Possible in order to have good immune function Have you thought about your gut health and how it affects your immune function and I know shelby you have for the listeners out there have you made that connection. It's interesting to realize that throughout your life your immune system has been shaped by the communities of bacteria that reside in an on your body. How you were fed as a baby is a very important part digestive health And it's important for your current digestive function so how you were fed as an infant affects your current health right. Breast Milk provided for those of you who are breastfed and abundance of beneficial bacteria. And if you were breastfed you may have missed out on some of the those most protective bacteria from your intestinal track And now as a mom when I hear that I know of so many moms who tried breastfeeding and forever. Whatever reason it just didn't work out so this isn't necessarily meant to be a guilt trip but what it is or it's not at all meant to be a guilt trip but What it is just really good information for you to know for your children or you're having digestive issues Or the prevention of digestive issues or chronic illnesses right and there's also really good information for us as adults who maybe when we were being raised or when our parents were feeding us that it wasn't maybe breastfeeding wasn't in vogue at the time or our mothers weren't able to breastfeed at that time just as good information to have. I agree and I often tell people you know. I know I wasn't breastfed as a baby. And when I talked to some of my clients and ask them. It's it's an interesting reaction they while I had never thought of that. Does that really affect my immune system or you know that sort of stuff now and I tell them well you know. We can't travel back in the past and we're not going to blame and shame mom for what she didn't know at the time but that also gives like for me personally. That gave me really good reason to focus on reestablishing that good bacteria. Because I know I wasn't exposed to that beneficial bacteria through breast milk. Yeah good information right Some babies who are breastfed have a higher proportion of that beneficial bacteria that protects them against pathogens Certain diseases are often linked to an unhealthy. Good which may not contain adequate levels of that beneficial bacteria that bacteria. That's crucial for good digestion. Which we're talking about today exactly and in fact Teresa when we're talking about bacteria we're starting to see the bad bacteria has been connected as one of the primary causes of ulcers specifically those peptic ulcers. So yes I said bad. Bacteria causes ulcers not stress and not spicy foods for one hundred years or more Doctors and researchers believed that ulcers were related to stress and spicy foods. You know but it wasn't until two thousand five that Nobel Prize winners in medicine Dr Barry Marshall and Dr Robin Warren made that connection between ulcers and a type of bacteria called heliotrope actor Pylori. Sometimes you guys have heard of that as H. Pylori

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