Impeachment Begins, Sort Of


So I think that might be Cohen will only be ineffective witness to the extent he's independently corroborated either by other testimony, meaning verbal testimony or by documents or both because he's got an awful history. Now that doesn't mean that everything he says is ally. But what it does mean is that you have to corroborate him. And I think any any prosecutor at certainly someone as careful as skilled and as objective. As Bob Muller would never use someone as Michael like Michael Cohen unless he could crop rate them. And I think in general the same thing about the folks at the southern district, and she this this is the problem here. Remember, what all the spin was on bubbler going back only two weeks ago? We don't have to go that far back Democrats were saying that in the Manafort situation and the Coen situation in the Roger stone's situation that all of Bob molars allegations have multiple corroborating witnesses. All of Bob Mueller's charges or not based on one person. But on three four or five people that Cohen himself by himself as unreliable Cohen by himself could easily be dismissed as liar saying with Roger stone, Roger stolen could be dismissed buzz Aligarh Jerome Corsi, whoever. But there are multiple people who can paint the picture multiple people filling in the billings, multiple people back in each other up through separate independent investigations. So to have built that entire case into trotted out. Michael Cohen last week for Democrats to now be saying, hey, we gotta do this ourselves. Pretty big indicator. They're not going to get what they thought from the the Bob Mueller investigation that all of their hype about the Mueller investigation really doesn't live up to it. Now. One more clip Sarah Fagin is she's a Republican right of center strategist, not a Trump fan on with George Stephanopoulos over the weekend. Only the rest of the extent to Matt's point. If there is some real they're they're in and right now, we don't have evidence of collusion. Most Americans manafort's evidence of collusion. Will you have manafort's crimes, but that doesn't necessarily extend to the president. And we'll see what the mullahs report says, but one would think after a year, plus eighteen months, we would see something if it was directly connected to the president

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