Apple investors debate political diversity at annual shareholder meeting

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So it sounds like apple and a group of shareholders had fun on Friday as had been announced. Apple's annual shareholder meeting was held on the first of March at the Steve Jobs theater at apple park in Cupertino. Most of the write ups, I saw of the meeting focused on a proposal by the National Center for public policy research, a right-leaning organization that would apparently like to see more, right? Leaning members on Apple's board fun. Fact, this is these same organization that at the same meeting five years ago, tried to get up to spell out the costs of its sustainability initiatives and to commit to focus on profit over every other consideration. One wonders which is their greater interest seeing changes at apple or seeing their name in the paper, whichever the case apple had an answer to this year's proposal business insider was among the sites that highlighted the issue. According to the peace and his comments later cook argued against the notion that apple should query potential employees or anyone affiliated with the company about their political beliefs as a gay man from the south. He learned not to ask people their thoughts on homosexuality because if he had done that you don't have a lot of friends he said, I don't check people at the door as to who they are. And what they believe he said, I care about skills and capabilities and contributions apple focuses on promoting certain policies, not on partisan politics. Cook said, it support pro environment and pro immigration policies it backs diversity and privacy. But it also. Believes in capitalism. He said as for the National Center for public policy research proposal, it fell hard according to business insider, although supporters of the proposal were well represented in the audience investors as a whole overwhelmingly voted against it. According to a preliminary tally released by apple the measure, secured just one point seven per cent of shareholder votes, while the ideology issue got most Fridays ANC, it was far from all the company covered. The piece on the meeting from Bloomberg had apple CEO, pinning an exciting though vague picture of the company's future. According to that piece. Cook said he has never been more optimistic about where the company is today, and where it's heading and a pep talk to investors cook said, the iphone maker is planting seeds and rolling the dice on future products that will just blow. Oh you away. Other points of note, cook reiterated apple stands that it's on track to double revenue from services in twenty twenty from the nearly twenty five billion dollars twenty sixteen. The CEO took a swipe at companies that build data profiles of their users cokes that apple is pushing for regulation against such practices. A piece from seeing that says apple CEO also touted the apple watch and its success in helping identify people's heart issues and the popularity of air pods, which he called a cultural phenomenon and finally Apple's entire board of directors was reelected at the meeting.

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