Giants CEO apologizes after altercation with wife


But this afternoon around noon. CEO of your San Francisco Giants Larry Baer got into a physical altercation with his wife in a public park in San Francisco. TMZ picked up the video nineteen seconds long. It's not good. Obviously, it's not good. Pam bear. Larry's wife has her phone or his phone excuse me. He goes to grab it. They get tangled up. She gets knocked to the ground. It's really what happened. I got into that. He went and grabbed the phone try to grab the phone out of a right hand. They got tangled up the chair to govern. She fell. Here's Larry bears. First statement from about two o'clock today. Regrettably today, we had a heated argument public over a family matter. We are deeply embarrassed by the situation and have resolved the issue. Here's a second statement from today. I'm truly sorry for the pain that I brought my wife children. And to the organization is not reflective of the kind of person. I that I aspire to be. But it happened, and I will never, and I will do whatever it takes to make sure that I never behave in such inappropriate manner. Again. Here's Pam bears statement. I would like to clarify the events of today. My husband, and I had an argument and public about which we are quite embarrassed. I took a cell phone. He wanted it back. I did not want to give it back. I started to get up and the chair I was sitting in began to tip due to an injury. I sustained in my foot three days ago. I lost my balance. I did not sustain any injury. Based on what happened today? They're in. I always have been and still are happily married. That's from Pam Baker. The foot thing she I I mean, I'm not saying sh-. She absolutely could have heard her foot three days ago. But that's not the reason why she fell to the ground at least from what I saw on the video. Now there it was a really weird start this entire ordeal. Because initially when it was reported. It was reported that Larry Baer dragged his wife to the ground. He did not do it. He did not drag her to the ground. Say knocked her to the ground. Okay. But it was reported to be on level ten. Like, Ray rice mad video that disturbing video. So when you see the video. Some people's initial reaction, especially the ones that I've talked to were while it's not that bad as what I I thought true, not as bad as we all I thought still pretty bad though. And you can't really eliminate. L A level when you're talking about physical altercation, and especially about altercation between a man and woman. You can't eliminate wasn't as bad. It was not level ten it's like level seven or six or five at doesn't fly with me. John's on woman heaven, I don't care if you're grabbing the grab phone paper keys. You don't do that. It looks awful. So initially it was reported to be much worse. And then people were starting to say, I it's not as bad as what? No, you're right. It's not as bad as what it was initially reported to be, but it's still pretty damn bad. And I have a problem with with certain people online talking about that. Particular part of this that it's not as bad as first reported. Well, where are we right now as a society, do do we have to see a video of a woman being hit in the face for us to go to that? For us to get to that conversation. Does she have to be hit in the face for us to say, it's a physical altercation. Is that where we're at? Because you can't do this to a woman. I'm sorry. It's very bad. Look. I don't know what's going to happen. I don't I'm just wondering where we're at. I mean, he didn't hit her. He didn't smacker. Tussled with her. And there was an altercation, and it was physical. No doubt about was a physical. You're not gonna convince me it was verbal. You know, I think it's unfair. To say, well, it's at this level, or it's not at this level. It's still a man and physical altercation with a woman wife or not. I have some questions about the video for sure. TMZ purchased the video throw it up online pretty quick, it's nineteen seconds long. But there's a coup- there's a cut in there. Edit when Larry knocks pant when Larry knocks Pam off the chair. There's a quick edit to Larry walking away, and one of the things I heard today in and actually popped into my mind when I first saw this. Why didn't Larry help his wife up? If you're not your wife to the ground. You're not good girl to the ground accident or not. You didn't help her up that looks really bad walking away. But then again, it's an edited videos of Diddy. We don't know. Did he go back after the video was over? Because every time there's a video that comes out in the news. You have to think what happened before and after because we only get a certain bit that shown to his right here. We only got one thousand nine seconds of what we know for a fact happen nineteen seconds. That's all. Multiple reports are saying that they were into an argument, fifteen minutes all the way up into that point for fifteen twenty minutes. They were arguing up to that point. So I mean, I don't know. I don't know what we're going to do with this as fans. Just a broadcasters. Just telling you how I feel and what I saw. That's all I can do how I feel and what I saw can't speculate. I'm not going to get into speculation of. Well, what goes on inside the bear house? I I don't know. I don't know. How do we know? This wasn't just a weird situation that happened. You know, you've been into an argument with your significant other. Maybe it has maybe it hasn't reached that level. It's inexcusable if it does for sure. You just don't put your hands on a woman for any reason for any goddamn reason ever. That's where that's where I'm at. Obviously, very disturbing video. Executives in sports owners and sports they should be. But they're not held to the same standard as athletes are because this if this was an athlete, white or black. We may have a more jovial tone about this. If it wasn't a giant. Because well, not jovial town. That's a really wrong thing to say. I should say the the mood around here would be a little bit lighter. Because it doesn't impact. Everybody's so much. The I retract that statement, it doesn't impact everybody's so much. So wouldn't be so down you understand what I'm saying? Is if it was an athlete, we would just be talking about it like we do everything else.

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