Andre Previn, Four-Time Oscar-Winning Composer, Dies at 89


Brand composer conductor and pianist Andre Previn died today in his Manhattan home. He was eighty nine years old. He won four Academy Awards for composing and arranging music for films. Like my fair lady g g Porgy and Bess and he won a bunch of Grammy's. He was the music director of the L A fell in the nineteen eighties on time K USA radio host and classical music commentator, Ellen Chapman is here now to remember prevalent. Hi, hi, how are you? Great. Well, you interviewed him a number of times. What was he like? Well, he's charming. He's witty. He's bright. He's funny. And it was just a great pleasure. Every time. I sat down with him. The the most significant time was several years back when he was being celebrated he and his music were being celebrated by Pacific symphony. And he was there and the way it worked was on three consecutive nights. We sat down for a half an hour in front of the audience and had a conversation and never do. Located ourselves never went over the same territory twice, but just a wonderful person. And I'm so glad that I got to know him at all. Yeah. Well, he really pushed some boundaries. Right. I mean, he wasn't just interested in classical music is interested in as I mentioned kind of the American songbook as well as jazz right now. He was he was one of those guys he sort of I could compare them to Leonard Bernstein in terms of a musician whose talents are so manifold. It's often said of Bernstein that his problem was he was too good at too many different things. I say think Copland said that about about Bernstein, and I feel the president in the same way had he decided to concentrate on being a film composer that would have been a brilliant career. How'd you decided to concentrate on being a jazz pianist that would have brilliant career if he decided only to be a conductor that would have been a brilliant career, but he was all

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