Investigation into college admissions scam


Story, a widespread bribery scheme as rocking the college admissions world, actresses CEO's and coaches have been engulfed in a federal investigation where they allegedly paid to have people do illegal activities to get their children into top colleges. A two of the actress's named were Felicity Huffman and full house star Laurie Laughlin. Prosecutors say this is the largest college admission scam ever prosecuted. By the department of Justice, Washington Post reporter, Matt's EPA toss has more on how authorities found out about the scheme. Apparently, they were interviewing somebody in an unrelated case in that person kind of tip them. Hey, this is something you want to look into the investigation itself is only about a year old, and it's kind of remarkable how much they've uncovered but the conduct they alleged dates back. I think as far as twenty eleven the current and former coaches are from Yale Georgetown, USC Wake Forest and Texas Lachlan and her husband allegedly paid five hundred thousand dollars in bribes to get their kids.

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