Arkansas fires coach Mike Anderson and Houston's Kelvin Sampson could be a potential candidate


Thoughts on Arkansas in general because the AD now at Arkansas was the eighty that hired Kelvin Sampson to Houston. My opinions this I'm not sold that that Kelvin Sampson is leaving Houston for console. It can happen. But I don't think that that is as much of a sure thing as if you're a type of person that follows the coaching carousel like as the stuff at breaking your kind of a college hoops junkie. I think it's definitely on the table. But I'm at this stage. I'm not totally convinced that Samson's Lieven h down for Arkansas. The only thing that Arkansas can do to convince him is just make incredible amounts of money. Just put incredible amounts of money on the table. These SEC's schools have so much money. Now, if they wanna pay a basketball coach five million dollars a year, they can remember a few years ago, Alabama like put an open check on the table for Gregg Marshall, and we're willing to pay him whatever they needed to pay him. He just didn't want to go coach there, but it wasn't a money deal. So Arkansas can put real difference making money in front of Kelvin and maybe get him to jump, but what he has to figure out and this is reasonable minds can disagree on this. But what he has to figure out is do you wanna go be at a middle of the pack job in a power five league. Or do you wanna have one of the better jobs in a top seven leak? You know, you you you he's already shown and by the way, I think he'd win it, Arkansas. The guys wanna everywhere he's been his career is really amazing. He was obviously. You know, I it starts at Montana tech. And he went back to back league titles there then goes to Washington state alternately gets them to an inside of light tournament bounces to Oklahoma goes to one two three four five six seven eight nine straight in CWA tournaments, including a final four, then he eventually bounces to Indiana. And you know, he had Indiana twenty two and four overall eleven to in the big ten when he got fired for the NCAA violation stuff. But if he were allowed to keep that job he would have been rocking and rolling at that job for a while again. I mean, he had Eric quickly came in recruited got Eric, Gordon. And then he's got him off to an amazing start. They were ranked fifteenth in the country at the time when he got fired than Dan dockage took it over and went three and four in the final seven games as interim coach just drove it straight into the ground, but Kelvin Sampson handed him a great team. And there's no reason to think that team that program wouldn't continue to operate at high level had he stayed there.

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