Report: Chris Ivory to Be Released by Bills After Frank Gore Signing


Bills Schefter reports that the bills are planning to release. Chris ivory schefters tweet out about ten minutes ago with the signing of Frank gore. The bills are planning to release Chris ivory today per league source. Steve I had when I read that before the break. I was thinking I had a hard time getting my mind around it because. Well, we've been going through this free agent period. And the bills have signed all these great guys. And it's been great. We get bitten better and Irish could players. And so it's it caught me off guard that you got. Got to say goodbye to a really good player. And I forget, you know, we do that. We've done that before we do it. All you do it every year. There's going to be good players that you lose either in free agency or whatever the injury and ivories one of the I think I've the first guy I mean, they've released other guys as well. But I've read the first guy that at times this last season he was their most effective offensive player and. Yeah. They gotta say goodbye to him. When I get it. But it did catch me off guard because we've been talking so much about getting better here. Getting better. They're getting better here. Getting better there sign this guides better. This guy's good. This got some depth that we're doing good. And all of a sudden, you got to say goodbye to a good player caught me off guard. I got you know, we don't obviously the usual added Frank gore to go along with Shawn McCoy. Chris. I Chris ivory just turned thirty one years old last week. So age is a factor the cap, you would think is a consideration here. I had a pretty good year for the bills last year played in all, but how many games here all but one two three three games. We played in thirteen games. Is best game was against the colts. Sixteen carries eighty one yards. Scored one touchdown that came to against the chargers. You know, he was good back-up last year. I don't know if you will you miss him. If you have Frank Gordy amiss Chris ivory to make that case remains to be seen. But it's hard to think that you're going to be like next year. We've been down this road before. Karlos williams. Mike Gillislee always good running backs. We've had over the last handful of years who did some good things one year. We said goodbye to him. And then he's like, oh, we got we got another one, you know. So Chris ivory might fall into that category. Although like, I said there were times last year. When man I was glad we had him. So every time you you lose a good player, which I think he is. And I still think he is it's hard to hard to get your mind around and say that we're better because he's not here so Schefter report that Chris ivory is going to be released. He says later today that made possible by the addition of Frank, Gordon, the Rosser, we'll see if it no reason to doubt, Adam Schefter on this. But we'll see when it comes

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