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Minutes. But I gotta talk yield curves. And I know. It's like taking a valium. Discussing the yield curves. But it's important. Especially now. So we're gonna discuss it. So in case, you don't know. A yield curve, listen carefully quiz. It really is important. Refers to the relationship between short and long term interest rates. Just so, you know, you have one month yields you can buy these little one month, three months. Six months, twelve months. You can go out. Thirty years. And typically yields are higher as the longer you go out 'cause you have to get paid. Based on the time. An inverted yield curve. Is when the short term rates, actually, go above the longer term rates, and yes, the question how can that happen? Because really the longer the time the more you should get paid. Well in the past this has been a noteworthy events. Simple as that NY. Listen carefully. Listen carefully. Historically. An inverted yield curve. Has led to recessions big slowdowns and economic growth. If not more. An inverted yield curve. Typically means that the market. Is suggesting. That the longer term outlook is poor. And yields are pushed down. Based on that effect. Take the central banks out of it. For a second. We're just talking the rates. We now here have inverted yield curve. The one month. Is higher than the ten year yield. Which means the three months

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