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President Trump says you'll nominate Stephen Moore to fill the vacancy on the board of the fed reserve Moore's an economic policy analyst and fiscal conservative. Who's been also critical of bed chair Jerome Powell more joins Fox News and talks about what he's going to try to implement on the board. I will try to pursue promote policies that that that increase wages and increase growth in. Berry. That's my whole agenda. Here is what what makes Merican businesses in American workers better off flood damage in Nebraska is expected to exceed one point three billion dollars. Nebraska. Governor Republican Pete Ricketts says despite that all his state is doing their best to remain optimistic. Who's going to be a long road recovery? Get crashing is starting to go down. We're having a lot of flooding on river systems across our city. March madness continues with a full slate of games over the weekend. A Sweet Sixteen we'll be decided by late Sunday night. You're listening to USA radio

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